Web-based User Interface of Controller

last-updated: June 10, 2004
This page is an user's manual of a Web-based user interface of Controller.

Table of Contents

Deploy the Web application

Run the following command to deploy the Web application, which is to be recognized by Jetty, a Servlet container. The <top directory of P3> is the top directory of extracted P3 archive, which is <somewhere>/megacomp/.

cd <top directory of P3>
ant webapp.jobmanager
You see deployed files under the directory dist/jetty/webapps/jobmanager/.

Invoke a backend server of Controller

The Web-based UI requires a backend server running and the Web application communicates with the server through JMX Remote API. First invoke the server.

On UNIX-like OS:
<top directory>/bin/mc-controller-server.sh
On Windows (This batch file is not available now):
<top directory>\bin\mc-controller-server.bat
A directory named .rjmx is created in the current directory. CUI of Controller uses it but this Web-based UI does not need it.

Invoke a Servlet container (Jetty)

On the same computer on which you invoked a backend server, invoke Jetty, a Servlet container.

On UNIX-like OS:
<top directory>/bin/mc-jetty-webapp.sh
On Windows (This batch file is not available now):
<top directory>\bin\mc-jetty-webapp.bat

Access the Web-based UI

Invoke your favorite web browser and access the following URL:

http://<host name of the computer running the Servlet container>:8080/jobmanager/index

You see a web page like this:

Create a Job Group

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